Virginia Valentine


Clinical Nurse Specialist - Diabetes
Clinica La Esperanza, Albuquerque, New Mexico

…you really want an insulin pump to simplify insulin delivery, not make it more complicated…

An Unmet Need in Type 1 Diabetes Care

While Pumps Improve Glycemic Control,1-4 2 in 3 People with Type 1 Diabetes Still Manually Inject Insulin

Tens of thousands of people suffer annually from the complications of diabetes, such as cardiovascular events, neuropathy, dementia, kidney disease, blindness and lower limb amputation – frequent consequences of poorly managed glycemic control.6-8

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Cardiovascular Events Neuropathy Dementia Kidney Disease Blindness Lower Limb Amputation Hypoglycemia

Why Don’t More People Use Insulin Pumps?


Today, insulin-requiring individuals with diabetes must invest significant time to manage therapy, cover high out-of-pocket expenses, and operate complicated “advanced” pump systems.

Despite decades of advances in insulin delivery technology, only a minority of individuals with Type 1 diabetes use a pump. The cost and complexity of today’s offerings mean that, for many, multiple daily injections remain the only practical solution.

Modular Medical is focused on alternatives for individuals with Type 1 diabetes that encourage adoption of simplified insulin delivery technology.

Our solutions intend to:

  • Simplify the diabetes management experience
  • Be easy to learn and intuitive to use
  • Improve access to diabetes technologies that improve outcomes1-3
  • Require less time for diabetes management and allow more time for what’s important

Type 1 Diabetes (1.6 million people)9

30% of those using MDI are “almost pumpers” — they would use an insulin pump IF it required… less time, expense and technical know-how than current pump technology.10

For the 300,000 “almost pumpers” that want an easier relationship with their diabetes technology…

We have a solution.

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