MODD1 — The Advanced Insulin Pump Designed to Open Access

New microfluidics technology allows for low-cost pumping of insulin.

New intuitive design makes the product simple to use and easier to prescribe

90 Day Reusable

3 Day Consumable

Products are currently under research and development and are not available for investigational use or sale.

MODD1 System Will Transform the User/Provider Experience

Easy Start

Free samples at point-ofcare, payer support, refill RX at pharmacy.

One hour training with care provider (telehealth or clinician in office)

Easy to use

Red, yellow and green light system on the pump indicate how it's working.

When ready for mealtime bolus, press the button on the pump and confirm

Easy to remove simply click it off and put it back on freely (adhesive or strap).

After 90 days, seamlessly transfer settings to the next 90-day pump

Easy to Connect

All data is securely stored on the cloud, easily accessed by clinicians, data access will enable coverage for diabetes management time

Designed for Telemedicine

Telemedicine is a force multiplier to better serve a large market.

The MODD1 was designed to be affordable enough for free sampling and trial, and simple enough for self-guided user training and use. This is the product the industry has needed to take the step into telehealth.

Modular Medical Stands Out From the Rest

T1D Insulin Pump Comparisons (US Market)

Product Features

t:slim x2
Medtronic 760g
Omipod DASH
Manufacturer Modular Medical Tandem Diabetes Care Medtronic (MiniMed) Insulet
Reservoir Size 300 units/3mL 300 units/3mL 300 units/3mL 200 units/2mL
Pump Cost Pump:$0
3-Day Disposables: $349/mo (PBM Pricing)
Disposables: $134/mo
Disposables: $148/mo
Disposables: $347/mo (PBM Pricing)
Monitorable Via Cell Phone Yes No Yes No
External Controller Required No No No Yes
Charger/Battery No Charger/Single-use disposable battery provided Charger Required Battery Required Handset Charging Required
Easy to Learn Yes No No No
Remove & Reattach Yes Yes Yes No

"You cannot make the people more motivated. To grow the market, you need to make the best care more usable."

Paul DiPerna, Founder & President

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