A Viable, Profitable, and Approvable Solution

New microfluidics technology allows for low-cost pumping of insulin.

New design philosophy makes product simple enough for provider driven sales.

180 Day Reusable

3 Day Consumable

Remove the trade off between high cost and complexity and high-quality care: expand market by meeting unmet needs.


Easy to remove and replace

Push Button

Simple push button to Bolus

No Charging

No need to carry chargers or batteries

Easy to Use

Learn to use Pivot at home

Designed for Telemedicine

Telemedicine is a force multiplier to better serve a large market.

The Pivot was designed to be affordable enough for free sampling and trial, and simple enough for self-guided user training and use. This is the product the industry has needed to take the step into telehealth.

Modular Medical Stands Out From the Rest

T1D Insulin Pump Comparisons (US Market)

Product Features

t:slim x2
Medtronic 780g
Omipod DASH
Manufacturer Tandem Diabetes Care Medtronic (MiniMed) Insulet Modular Medical
Reservoir Size 300 units/mL 300 units/3mL 200 units/2mL 300 units/3mL
Pump Cost Pump:$4,200
Disposables: $134/mo
Disposables: $148/mo
Disposables: $347/mo (PBM Pricing)
3-Day Disposables: $349/mo (PBM Pricing)
Monitorable Via User's Cell Phone No Yes No Yes
User Interface Color Touchscreen on Pump Color Screen on Pump, Scroll wheel Locked PDM Handset Simple Analog Button/ Optical Smartphone App
External Controller Required No No Yes No
Charger/Battery Requirement Charger Required Battery Required Handset Charging Required No Charger/Single-use disposable battery provided
User Learnable No No No Yes
Remove & Reattach Yes Yes No Yes

You cannot make the people more motivated. To grow the market, you need to make the best care more usable.

A Pathway Towards Approval

510(k) Predicate device approval pathway for FDA label. Testing is based on benchtop tests, no human trials required (no insulin pump has done pre-approval human trials)

2020 2021 2022
Full Design Lock
Testing/Prepare Submit to the FDA
FDA Review Period ~6 Months
Anticipated FDA Approval
"Soft" Launch
Commercial Launch

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